Child Development Clinic.


A small proportion children born in any part of world will have some disorder or developmental delay or would have suffered some disease or disorder or accident causing disabilities, which may be life long and severe. They are in need of specialist therapies. These therapies are essential and in dire need to let the child achieve the required optimum skill.

Every local borough in the UK has a set up called Child Development Clinic run under the leadership of consultant paediatricians and supported by multidisciplinary therapists. There are thousand of such clinics under the NHS system.

Due to different reasons,  these Child Development Clinics, often have many children on long waiting lists, seeking assessment and diagnosis for their difficulties. Unfortunately the waiting lists often may be months, and in some cases years just to get an appointment for assessment and establishing a diagnosis. Similar issues with receiving Autism Diagnosis are prevalent in most countries around the world.

Even after diagnosis there may not be established after plan, no provision of regular consistent treatment. It is a very sparse and broken patchy service which does not provide an effective approach and treatment of the child’s problems leaving poor prognosis.

Considering the dire, poor situation, Doctor Anis Mustafa and a group of consultants and therapists decided to open a Private Child Development clinic based in London’s Harley Street in 2007. 

As of 2022, we have decided to turn the website into a portal for other Autism and ADHD clinics to list their services. We are also inviting more therapists and other Autism friendly services and venues to list their companies.

Aim’s & Objectives of a Child Development Clinic :

1/ Make the service affordable to the community at large.

2/ One stop shop for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

3/ Joint assessment in one sitting to save time and relieve parents of anxiety and uncertainty .

4/ Sometimes  families may not be able to afford continuous private treatment plans, in this case do not abandon families rather consider an alternative approach such as training, educating and empowering parents with knowledge and skills.

5/ We aim to offer our Child Development Clinics listings to families outside of the UK. Autism is a global issue and families all over the world need to be able to find help locally and internationally.

6/ What to expect and possible topics to ask for from clinics / centres under the leadership of Consultant Community Paediatricians:

  1. Assessment, diagnosis, investigation and in the end treatment plan for any child with development delay or disorder by a paediatrician and also arrange referral and liaison with therapist from multidisciplinary team.
  2. Medical for education, health and care prepared by MDT.
  3. Assessment for social, legal and adoption and fostering.
  4. Assessment by a speech therapist and therapy sessions.
  5. Ados for children suspected of Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  6. 3di testing again for Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD.
  7. Physiotherapy assessment and treatment.
  8. Occupational therapy assessment and treatment plan.
  9. Joint assessment by a paediatrician, speech therapist and clinical psychologist.
  10. Where need be assessment and advise by an educational therapist.
  11. ABA therapy for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  12. Regular provision, talks, lectures, education and training of parents and carers by arranging lectures and talks on fortnightly basis.

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