What comprises Assessment & Diagnosis ADHD Autism?

What to expect from child development clinics and centres.

Be Prepared

  • Interview with parents and child together or separately as per the wish of the parents. Assessment & Diagnosis ADHD Autism should be focused with a family’s main concern. Its good to have details on
    • history of pregnancy
    • birth history
    • past medical history
    • family history
    • schooling and education
    • emotional concerns
    • and psychological issues if any
  • Observation and assessment of developmental skills such as
    • gross motor
    • fine motor
    • hand eye coordination
    • social interaction
    • self care social
    • cognitive ability
    • all done through different mental developmental assessment tools
  • Parents may be asked to complete some questionnaires such as
    • Connors for ADHD
    • CARS (Childhood Autism Rating Score) for Autism
    • ASDOS for Asperger Syndrome and others.
    • This whole process usually lasts 1-2 hours. To reduce the waiting with uncertainty and anxiety of parents to find Assessment & Diagnosis ADHD Autism and ultimately treatment, parents should expect clinics and centres will identify a probable diagnosis or a nearest possible diagnosis of the child’s problem by the end of the first assessment session.
  • With some complex cases where further information or investigations are required the clinic should inform and explain to parents their opinion and possible suspected differential diagnosis. In some obvious cases it is possible to give a firm diagnosis after the first assessment. For patients from the UK, the ideal method of referral is through their own GPs, other consultants or other health professionals.
  • In some cases to facilitate quick assessment, identification and early intervention clinics may also accept direct referrals from parents themselves. The main component of assessment especially if suspected of Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia, and learning disability is going through a detailed history of the child from pregnancy.
  • As the interview is being conducted there should be close observation of the child in the clinic. Then there may be special ‘tests’ for neurodevelopmental assessment followed by neurological examination. All these tools of assessment and examination are non aggressive, rather child friendly and externally administered. After the clinic have taken a full and thorough history, they will turn their attention towards an examination and observation.

Next Steps

autistic spectrum disorder chart Assessment & Diagnosis ADHD Autism

But please note that observation of the child should start right from the moment he or she enters the clinic room. Continuing with the examination and observation if time permits, child is not already tired or bored, the clinic may carry out a developmental assessment using different tools such as:

  • Griffith Mental Developmental Assessment Tool Schedule of Growing Skills
  • II3DI Computer Test (for children suspected of Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Atypical Autism, ADHD)
  • Systemic neurological examination.

As mentioned parents/teachers may be asked to complete

  • Connor’s Questionnaires
  • ASDS Questionnaires
  • CARS questionnaires
  • CCH questionnaires etc.

Usually after assessment an action plan could be.

  • The clinic will explain the diagnosis or probable diagnosis to the parents in the simplest and layman’s language. In the case of diagnosis is confirmed they will recommend an intervention plan and best therapeutic approach.
  • They should explain and discuss the right treatment approach suitable for the child. If there is any need for further investigation, they will advise and arrange. If the child has learning difficulty they will discuss and explain about an educational plan including special education needs provision and statementing process. They should also advise on how to find help and support locally in nursery, in school and through local authorities such as health and education.
  • If the child needs to be referred to any speech therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, clinical psychologist, educational psychologist, with the agreement of the parents they may arrange the referral to the appropriate therapist. Or the clinic may be a multi-functional establishment offering more than one service.
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