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High functioning autism formerly called Asperger’s is a diagnosis that falls on the spectrum. There are levels of autism, and no two autistic people are the same. Autism Spectrum Disorder is what it sounds like; there’s a variation of severity when it comes to the diagnosis. An individual with high functioning autism can easily blend into society; however, you might notice this individual behave differently than others in social situations. Some behaviors are specific to people who have autism.

People with autism often struggle with social cues and making contact. They might not understand personal boundaries or how to engage in a give and take a conversation. If you don’t understand autism, you might find the individual to be rude, but the person is probably unaware that their behavior is making the other person uncomfortable. People with high functioning autism might have trouble making small talk. They might benefit from learning social skills with a therapist. If you have high functioning autism or believe you might have this diagnosis, consider talking with an online therapist. They can help you understand your symptoms and learn how to manage your life.

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