Dr. Mary Barbera discusses bruxism, also known as teeth grinding and its relationship to feeding problems in children with autism.
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Children with autism usually have problems with picky eating and other oral-motor problems. In today’s video blog, we’re discussing feeding problems and teeth grinding, a question I got asked in a recent Q&A in our online community. The complication with children grinding teeth is that it can root from several causes. This causes bruxism treatment to not be very simple to pinpoint since there could be medical complications involved, behavioral aspects involved, nutritional deficiencies, and a whole set of problems that could be mixed in with them. A child grinding teeth can also relate to feeding problems, but only a feeding specialist will be able to tell you and diagnose it.

There are also many feeding programs for kids with autism out there that may also help in determining what’s causing the jaw clenching or teeth grinding. Teeth grinding causes are just so complex that a lot of research needs to be done, and you may need to see multiple specialists in order to figure out how to solve teeth grinding in your child or client with autism. I do have a lot of resources to help you though, so make sure to check out the below links.

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