1. Money Monday

Goal: Students will be able to determine the values of coin combinations (with or without using touch points).  

Warm-Up/Activities:I have students warm-up by counting by 5’s, using the hundred number chart. Depending on time, I may also have the students go through coin flashcards for coin identification and coin value identification. I scaffold my instruction to first demonstrate putting the touch points on the coins and counting each touch point by fives (I do, we do, you do). Then, I will write down the value of the coins with the cent sign. You could use a worksheet or flashcards with groups of coins, but I use fake coins, a clear sheet to put them in, and a dry erase marker. I have students put the fake coins in the clear sheet and add the touch points by putting them in the correct position on the coins, on the clear sheet. Eventually, students will be able to do this independently, although, I currently have a group where I am adding the touch points for them in order move at a quicker pace, but continue having multiple practice opportunities so this group will be able to add their own touch points in the future. 

Activities for for Emerging Students: Emerging students will warm-up with number flashcards to address number identification. Students will count out different kinds of coins or bills from a larger set. Students will also be introduced to coin names and basic money concepts like the dollar sign or cent sign. 


  1. Quarters
  2. Dimes
  3. Quarters & dimes
  4. Nickels
  5. Quarters, dimes & nickels
  6. Pennies
  7. All coin combinations 

The reasoning behind my progression has to do with teaching the coin touch points. Since the quarter has 5 touch points, that will be the most involved one to teach. The coins will progressively have less touch points, so I predict that students will have an easier time grasping this concept. I put pennies last because students count touch points by fives, but they will need to switch counting by ones if they have a group of coins that includes pennies. I decided to try teaching this concept at the end so students would learn to count pennies after they have counted all the touch points on the silver coins.


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