He’s able to pick up languages like Russian, German and even the Jawi alphabet; to recognise lift brands like Otis and Kone immediately – and he’s on the autism spectrum.

While his condition could be viewed as his superpower, the flip side means that he struggles to perform simple tasks, like crossing the road, without the guidance of his parents.

An unwavering love saw Bob and Hwee Hwee through giving up careers in the news industry, and even through a major setback in 2018, when Hwee Hwee was diagnosed with nose cancer and underwent chemotherapy.

Now, with companies like SAP and Microsoft hiring coders with autism, and Jun Le taking an interest in Scratch programming, Hwee Hwee and Bob have renewed hope that their son might find a job one day and be independent.

*2:36: Family photos should be credited to KC Wong

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About the show:
GovTech computer scientist Preston Lim goes on a search for all kinds of science and tech – from connected smart homes and intuitive wearable devices, to humanised chatbots – to look for tech that can help empower those struggling with autism, dementia, depression and physical disabilities.


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