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So Asperger’s disorder, or Asperger syndrome, is one of the clinical disorders under the category of pervasive developmental disorder. Children with Asperger syndrome do have difficulties with social communication and some higher level aspects of language. But typically, they’re considered very bright and intelligent children and do have a great mastery of day-to-day language skills.

One thing that sets children with Asperger’s disorder aside from other children with PDD diagnoses is that these children have restricted ranges of interests, very special interests that, sometimes, can be in the form of a high interest in trains, or sports scores or something of unique interest to them.

Children with Asperger’s disorder, definitely, have high prognostic qualities because they tend to do very well in school. Professionally, they usually do much better in situations where they can work kind of in a one-to-one setting and don’t have to have a lot of social interactions.

Children with Asperger syndrome are unique, but these are the signs and behaviors you’ll see in children with Asperger syndrome.


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