15 Simple Solutions for the Most Challenging Symptoms of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

There are an overwhelming number of treatments, therapies and clams that have potential to help your loved one on the autism spectrum. Finally, a guide that sorts through autism therapies making them simple to understand. New Hope for Autism is chock full of innovative and proven techniques to help you navigate these and other challenges with ease.

Take a look for yourself:

* Doctors agree that early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders is important … Learn which symptoms you should be most alert for.

* It is sometimes hard to recognize the difference between odd behavior and serious symptoms of autism. These missed milestones are clear flags that your child should be tested.

* The 3 legal requirements of early interventions laws … and how they can help pay for your child’s care.

* Should you vaccinate your child? 9 Tips for safer vaccinations.

* ABA and Floortime are tried and true therapies as long as you can afford to pay for them and can find a qualified therapist … learn the secrets to do both.

* Use the 6 sensory systems … combined with Sensory Integration Therapy … to substantially reduce tantrums in toddlers, picky eating in kids and hyperactivity in teens.

* The truth about Therapy Dogs … and how they can save your child’s life.

* What would you say if I told you that it is possible to make your autistic child more social, more trusting and better able to interpret facial expressions just by spraying some hormones in his nose? A new study from the early part of 2010 shows some promise in what is known as the “love hormone,” for use in treatment of autistic kids.

* Six effective biomedical treatments to help your ASD child.

* A specific kind of yeast can cause a host of ill-effects in a child with autism. We tell you what it is and identify two treatments parents find most effective.

* If someone was to tell you that magnets may someday be able to help people with autism live richer, more full lives, you’d probably think they were crazy. But the FDA just approved this technique for depression and may soon approve its use for other symptoms of autism.

* Two techniques improve speech and language, behavior and learning, and mood and social skills … by helping someone with autism better process the sounds that they hear.

* How to use Music Therapy to reach non-verbal children with autism.

* New research shows that a long-used treatment of cancer, Chron’s disease, MS, and several other illnesses has promise as an autism treatment. Learn how this may help your child.

* Deficiency in a critical nutrient may contribute to autism… and studies estimate that 70% of the population is deficient. Two effective and proven methods can quickly reverse this.

* Three proven treatments to reach non-verbal autistic children.

* Few mainstream doctors offer this controversial treatment. Yet 75% parents reported “good results” … the highest percentage for 88 treatments surveyed!

* 15 behavior improvements reported by parents after their children were treated with medical marijuana … and 7 possible risks that parents must consider before considering its use.

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