Lead Consultant Paediatrician

I am the Lead Consultant Paediatrician at Harley Street Child Development Clinic with more than 35 years experience of working with children’s diseases and disorders. My specialities are Autism, ADHD, behavioural problems, learning disability, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and any neurodisability or neurodevelopmental disorder.

I consult children who may have problem with education/ learning disability due to Autism, ADHD, Genetic, non-genetic or unknown reasons.

After assessment I provide guidance and advise to the parents with best possible approach to their child’s problem be it Autism, ADHD or any problem.Explain the parents how best to provide care and treatment for best possible out come.

What parents should expect the provision care and support from state funded organisations for their child particular problem.What they can achieve if they look for private care and treatment.

Dear parents and colleague please note that my majority of cases I see in my practice are children on Autistic Spectrum Disorder,Asperger Syndrome and ADHD and with the research evidences and my own experience of decades early intervention in these cases brings much better outcome than late intervention. Therefore my clear message to the parents who are a good observers of their child’s growth and development that if you suspect or in doubt about Autism, ADHD, or any developmental problem.

Please seek advise and help early. Early intervention and therapeutic measures are very effective and beneficial, especially with children with Autism.

Go and speak to your health visitor, school nurse, teachers and of course your GP and seek guidance.

Most of the parents won’t know about the stages of intervention for special educational needs provision including statement of special educational need if their child needs it. Again I will guide and advise how they can approach the local authorities

My interest/subspeciality are neurodisabilities and neurdevelopmental delays due to known causes such as insult to brain due to birth trauma,premature birth,Genetic/Chromosomal disorders, inherited syndromes and disorders, metabolic disease causing neurodevelopmental deficiency. Also neurodevelopmental delay due to serious illnesses or accidents.

Emotional and psychological reasons causing behavioural and psychological problems,or in some cases no identified cause at all.

Parents please note that unfortunately most of the above mentioned disabilities and disorders are long term problems.I am right to say incurable or irreversible. But it does not mean total despair and disappointment.

With accurate or near accurate diagnosis,right timely intervention and approach of the problem excellent and appreciable improvement can be achieved, I can say with my experience and confidence that improvement could be even achieved near normalcy. To achieve that goal I guide parents with best evidence based intervention and approach for maximum benefit and gain.

Guide them with best therapeutic intervention privately and through local authorities. My endeavour remains providing parents knowledge and information about availability of therapies and treatment plans privately and through govt system. I try my best to empower parents with information and knowledge about their child’s problem.

After graduating in medicine from the Indian sub-continent, I did my specialist training at Glasgow Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Yorkhill and Glasgow Royal Maternity Hospital.After finishing my training I have been working on consultant grade for last 38 years in beginning abroad but last 20 years in UK. I have just retired from St Marys Hospital and Imperial College School of Medicine.

My qualifications are:

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Sciences
DCH Diploma in Child Health
MRCP(UK) Member of Royal College of Physicians of United Kingdom
FRCPCH Fellow of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
My previous posts with the NHS were as follows:

Consultant Paediatrician at Imperial college Healthcare NHS Trust, St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington
Senior Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College School of Medicine, London
Designated doctor for adoption and fostering for the Borough of Westminster and for north Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.
Part time consultant paediatrician Great Ormond Street Children Hospital.
I see my private patients at:

The Portland Hospital
234 Great Portland Street
London W1N 5PH


Harley Street Child Development Clinic,
Pinero house, 115 A Harley,Street, London,

I am an approved healthcare provider for BUPA, AXA-PP, Norwich Union,Cigna and Standard Life.

My consulting fee for first appointment which usually lasts from 1-1 1/2 hrs is £300 – £350

I am a male doctor of Indian origin. Besides English and several Indian sub-continents languages such as urdu,Hindi and Bengali I also fluently speak, read and write Arabic.

To book an appointment contact my secretary :07954897040
My mobile no is 07981 906 042

My email: dranismustafa@googlemail.com

Colleagues and parents you are most welcome to ask any question or advise by email on general paediatrics and childhood problems or specialist subjects like Autism, ADHD, Learning disability, special educational provision including statementing process.


Dr. Anis Mustafa