Let’s face it, if you’re an education professional, the chances are you love Teachers Pay Teachers and especially when there’s a Teachers Pay Teachers sale! I mean, who doesn’t love being able to have thousands of resources at the tips of your fingers to print out and put straight into action?

Think of that Friday night feeling, putting your feet up, knowing that everything is already set for your students. No more trying to work out how to make resources, what you need for them, finding the time..

A few times a year, the TpT website have a site wide sale. This is where sellers can put their store on sale – and then TpT provide an extra discount code for you to enter on check out!

For me, I ALWAYS reduce everything in my store by 20% for the site wide sale – even my already discounted bundles! Then when you enter the code on check out, you save an EXTRA 5%! Who doesn’t love that?

But today I want to share with you my best tips for how you can make the most of the Teachers Pay Teachers sale. And if you’re not following me on Teachers Pay Teachers, click here to head over now – because you’ll get notifications when new resources are uploaded and when sales take place.

1. TpT Credits

Do you know what TpT credits are? If not, I think you’re able to have the best day ever! TpT credits are earned when you leave feedback on resources that you have previously purchased.

For every $1 you spend on TpT – you get 1 TpT credit. But you have to leave feedback in order to get those credits. And, because TpT are just awesome they round up your credits! So if you spend $9.50 – they’ll give you 10 credits!

50 credits are worth $2.50, 100 credits are worth $5 – but you don’t need 100 to redeem them. To redeem them, you just go to the check-out page, scroll down and look for ‘Use account balance.’ From here, click the little arrow to open the drop down box and then you can enter an amount to redeem. You can use the full amount – or you can just use some of it to take a discount off your cart.

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale Tips

When I’m shopping the sale, I’ll buy half of my cart first, open it all up, check out the resources, then go back and leave feedback on them all. THEN, I go out and check out the other half of my cart and use the credits that I’ve earned from that first half to get a discount on my next check-out! It’s a great way to save yourself some extra $$.

To find out what resources you can leave feedback on, just go to your ‘My Purchases’ tab and it will tell you which resources need you to leave feedback.

Teachers Pay Teachers Leave Feedback  for Credits

To view your TpT credit info, just click your name, then TpT Credit Balance.

Teachers Pay Teachers Credits for Free and Discounted Resources

2. Look for Bundles

Most stores will also reduce their bundles in a sale. For me, I add an extra 20% discount on top of the already discounted rate! Then you can use the site wide code for a further 5% off. I love to get year long bundles – for the most obvious reason that it takes care of that skill for the entire year and I don’t have to worry about trying to create resources or come up with activities for it anymore!

A prime example is my year long task box bundle. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE using task boxes. And I’ve actually put together a free ‘Beginners Guide to Task Boxes’ eBook that you can download here.

My task box bundle contains 150 task boxes for you to use – all year long. They’re put into months of the year so you can organize them super easy – and your students are going to go crazy for them! Let’s face it, no more panic trying to find ways to work on skills, keep your students engaged, coming up task box ideas..

So, let’s take a look at the bundle in the site wide sale.

Teachers Pay Teachers Site Wide Sale Tips

So, we can see that the bundle is actually worth $270.80 – that’s how much all of the resources included add up to. But, I’ve put it together as a bundle for you guys and reduced it to $185.

On the TpT site wide sale, it’s reduced by an extra 20% – meaning it’s now reduced to just $148 – you guys, that’s a saving of $122.80. BUT! It’s the site wide sale. Which means you can get a discount code for an extra 5% too! So you’ll save an extra $7.40. That takes this bundle down to $140.60. That’s a $130 saving. Guys. Come on.. That’s HUGE!

(P.S. You can check out this year long task box bundle here.)

3. Plan Ahead

The TpT site wide sale doesn’t come around often – so plan ahead for the sale. Don’t just think of now. What will you need for the rest of the month? Next month? Or the month after? Get your plans out and look what you’re going to be working on – themes, targets, skills. Being organized will help you in the long run to save extra $$.

4. Follow Your Favorite Stores!

Make sure that you’re following your favorite TpT stores. Why? Because you’ll get first notification of sales they hold, new resources – and some sellers even reduce their newest uploads by 50% for the first day! Click here to head on over now to start finding your favorite sellers!

5. Set Up Your TpT ClassFund Page

Did you know that TpT have a ClassFund? It’s a game changer. First, just click here to head on over and set up your ClassFund page. You can share your story, talk about the resources that you need and why you need $$ to spend on Teachers Pay Teachers – lets face it, there’s a thousand reasons why!

Then, you just share that ClassFund page with your friends, family, social media, and people can donate $$ for your classroom on this page! When people donate, it goes straight to your TpT account balance – and just like with the TpT credits we discussed earlier, there’s the option on checkout for you to use that amount against anything you check out with.

Be sure to work on sharing this year round, so that you get a nice bulk of $$ saved up for the TpT sale – or use it when you need! If you have a ClassFund, share it on Instagram and tag me – I love to help you guys out and share them with my followers too!

6. Use Your Wish List!

Don’t forget about your wish list! You can find it my hovering over your name and then clicking ‘My Wish List.’ You can use this anytime – and I like to add ‘bigger’ purchases to my wish list when I see them, and then buy them during a sale! This saves me time when I’m trying to fill up my cart on a sale day – and I know that it’s a resource that I’ve wanted!

On a sale day, head over to your wish list and move some of those things straight into your cart for a quick and easy sale check out!

Teachers Pay Teachers Wish List

Those are my best tips for helping you to get the most out of a Teachers Pay Teachers site wide sale. Click here to head on over to TpT and start putting these tips into action!

Do you shop on TpT? Or have any tips you’d like to share about site wide sales? Let us know in the comments down below. And if you found this blog post helpful, please consider sharing it with your friends and colleagues on social media.

You can also listen to the reasons why I became a teacher-author over on my podcast here. This can also be found on iTunes, Spotify etc.

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale Tips


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