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Therapies & Treatments for Autism/Asperger's Syndrome
9th May


15 Simple Solutions for the Most Challenging Symptoms of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. There are an overwhelming number of treatments, therapies and clams that have potential to help your loved one on the autism ...

Le syndrome d'Asperger
8th May


Explications du Dr Anouck Amestoy (Centre Expert FondaMental Asperger au CHS Charles, Perrens, CRA, Bordeaux). Vidéo réalisée avec le soutien du groupe de protection sociale KLESIA et de la Fondation ROGER DE SPOELBERCH. Réalisation: Thinkovery Plus ...

For My Friends Who Don't Have Asperger Syndrome
7th May

2020 For My Friends Who Don’t Have Asperger Syndrome. source Autism, ADHA Articles and Videos

Mindful Living with Aspergers' syndrome
6th May


This talk was given as part of Sheffield Autism Research Lab’s “Distinguished Speakers on Autism” series on 25th April, 2016. Mr Chris Mitchell talks about his experience of using mindulfness to help him cope with the ups and downs of ...

Living With- Caregiver for Asperger's Syndrome
5th May


Asperger’s Syndrome, or NLD, is a form of Autism. Find out what it is like to be a caregiver for someone who has Asperger’s Syndrome in this video. source Autism, ADHA Articles and Videos

New Hope for Autism: Music Therapy for Children with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome
4th May

2020 The Healing Powers of Music Therapy Imagine a world where sounds had no meaning to you other than a jumble of discordant noise that hurt your ears. Imagine not knowing that the words that came out of people’s ...

Asperger's Syndrome Diagnosis in Adults
3rd May

2020 = Click for FREE Newsletter Aspergers Syndrome and adults. How to get a diagnosis as an adult. Although most people with Asperger’s syndrome are diagnosed as ...

Does This Make My Asperger’s Look Big? | Michael McCreary | #TEDxYorkUSpectrum
2nd May


This comedian and Aspie will have you rolling on the floor with his witty insight observations about life on the autism spectrum – beware, you will be edu-tained! Part of #TEDxYorkUSpectrum | May 28th 2016 | Glendon Theatre, York University, Canada TEDx ...

An aspie talks about: Asperger's Syndrome and Church
1st May


Aspies tend to have sensory perception issues which can sometimes make churches challenging places to be. In this video I explain why I tend to find churches difficult to attend; some of the issues will apply to others who have Asperger’s syndrome. If ...

Asperger Syndrome – Understanding Aspergers in Adults
29th Apr


Successful Social Skills Development Program For Aspie Adults: Asperger And Autism Forum Community: Coping with Aspergers in Adults – Mirrored from – Originally Uploaded by 4mationsTV on ...