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Emotions and ADHD!
With Dr. David Teplin

Tuesday, February 25th
8:00 pm Eastern – 5:00 pm Pacific

Dr David Teplin ADHD Expert

Ever been called Too Sensitive?  Or Overreacting? Always jumping to the worst possible conclusion?

Many folks with ADHD are accused
of being… 

Touchy    Moody    Quick tempered     Fragile

Thin Skinned      A Drama Queen or King)

Volatile    Easily upset    Hypersensitive   

Rick Green will talk about over-reacting, emotional sensitivity, sudden despair, and explosive outbursts with Dr. David Teplin.


Tuesday, March 10th
1:00 pm Eastern – 10:00 am Pacific

BEYOND COPING: Getting ADHD managed so you can move from ‘survival mode’ to actually pursuing goals, projects, or activities that excite you. We can forget that there is a reason to overcome our symptoms, beyond simply avoiding the negatives, the costs, the frustrations. How do you keep your eye on this bigger prize? And how does that impact your treatment plan?”

Humor & ADHD

Monday, March 23rd
8:00 pm Eastern – 5:00 pm Pacific

Humor as tool, a defence mechanism, and a strength in your professional and personal life.  The suggestion that people with ADHD are naturally funny is hard to prove.  But almost every comedian I’ve worked seems to be on the ADHD spectrum.  How has humor helped you deal with setbacks and stigma?  And does this assertion that “People with ADHD are funny and creative,” actually dis-empower many people with ADHD.  “I’m not funny… I guess I can’t even do ADHD correctly.” 


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