Q: I am 16 years old and I want a diagnosis for ADHD. I display a lot of the symptoms and my teachers have also told me I should get this checked out. I always had a feeling that my behavour was a bit odd from the age around 11-12. My friends have also asked if I have ADHD. I went to my GP and he said to go to [medical center] and fill out a referral which I have. However it has been a week and they have not emailed me back or phoned me.

Is there a place that I can go where I can get a diagnosis for free without paying. Please help me I’m desperate because I keep getting in trouble in school and am currently suspended for 3 weeks which I beleive could be because of ADHD.

I’m glad your teachers and some of the adults around you have mentioned ADHD. Many of us know from a young age we feel** different, so you are not alone there.

Now if I’m understanding your email, your GP told you to bring in a a referral form? Probably for an evaluation?

If that is the case you might have to wait a while to see a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist in your area. Even when you have insurance there is often a wait.

In the meantime your best bet might be to ask at school if you can speak to a guidance counselor or the school psychologist. This might also be your best option if paying for an evaluation is an issue.

I’m sorry you are currently suspended. I’ve had many of my students suspended and it does no good for the student or the teachers. Take this time to think about how you want to, “show up” when you get back to school. Maybe even reach out ahead of time and ask for support from the administration. I can tell you they do appreciate a student who is proactive and wants to do better.

Keep seeking out information, and know that you are NOT alone.

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