Do you deal with ADHD or have someone in your life that struggles with it? I know it’s frustrating. In this video, I go totally off script and talk about how I manage my ADHD without medication.

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At 8 years old, I got diagnosed with ADHD.

I felt broken.

Burdened by a “brain’ that would surely screw me out of any type of meaningful contribution in the world.

Everyday was a crapshoot.

Without knowing how I’d “show up” on any given day, setting goals (and pursuing them) felt like a fool’s game — and when I’d inevitably fail, it only supported my belief that I was messed up beyond repair.

Over the next decade, I spiralled into a deep depression…

… culminating in a tipping point where if I didn’t learn how to turn my “curse” into a superpower, it would literally kill me.

This week’s video is all about my “homemade” prescription for how I naturally turned ADHD into my superpower… and ultimately a catalyst for my legacy as an investor and entrepreneur.

While I don’t endorse a medication-free approach to ADHD, I encourage you to test any combination of these “ingredients” to see what moves the needle for you.

And of course… make sure to consult with your physician 😉

At a high-level, the 9 ingredients of my “natural” ADHD meds are:

1. Nutrition
2. Sweat Every Day
3. 8 Hours of Sleep
4. Morning Routines
5. 30 Minute Pomodoro Window
6. Energy Management
7. Music
8. Block Time
9. Build a Team

The first 8 can literally be implemented this week — and stack upon each other to exponentially increase your ability to focus, be productive, and move your mission forward with confidence.

Number 9 will take a bit more time, but I believe is where ADHD truly becomes a superpower.

When you literally can’t will yourself to focus on certain tasks, it works as a forcing function to get support and leverage other people’s skills faster than you otherwise would’ve.

Whether you’re looking to get off ADHD meds… or simply have a mission that your brain feels incapable of keeping up with, it’s my hope that these 9 steps help serve you in an incredible, life-changing way.

Give it a watch here.

Dan “Not an Internet Doctor” Martell

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