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Autism/Aspergers syndrome is a developmental disorder. Autistic children grow up to be Autistic adults. Some people think “how can you be autistic, you are nothing like Rain man” well most of us on the Autistic spectrum are not exactly like him Although I do now Autistic people that share some of his ability to remember important dates and huge amounts of facts and data that can be recited instantaneously. Autistic symptoms are based around the central Autistic diagnosis criteria called the “Triad of Impairments” This encompasses a) Social and emotional difficulties b) Language and communication difficulties c) Flexibility of thought (imagination)

Recognising the Triad of Impairments in my experience is just the starting point, and as many people affected by Autism will tell you, Autistic spectrum disorder can be a hugely complicated condition to understand. And even though there are common symptoms that Autistic people may share, Not everyone with Autism display all the symptoms all the time. Then when you add in other factors such as personality trait’s enviromental factors and co-existing conditions then trying to find a “one approach fits all” mentality to working with Autistic people is not going to work. I sometimes think that everyone on the Autistic spectrum is practically a sub category in themselves.



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