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Pinnacle Blooms Network is probably first and only of its kind chain of child development and rehabilitation centres network, core purposed to be empowering 80+ crore kids, people with cognital developmental, neurological, psychological, autism conditions across the world to be part of main stream society, Bring smiles into their families.

Through 99.5%+ proven improvement resulted practical Speech Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Special Education, Hydro Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Group Teaching, Music Therapy, Dance Therapy,… offered by qualified, certified, expertised, proven child development and rehabilitation specialists within the most hygiene, playful environment filled with empathy.

Best and Most unique part of Pinnacle Blooms Network is the way parents are made part of the entire child development process on day to day basis with the seamless interactions between parents and therapists via patentable … award winning Mirracle Platform … Probably one and only technology platform in 360 degree manner.
Digital therapy record on cloud about the children, Day to day training, recommendations provided to parents in such a way to groom parents to be the therapists for their own kids are few of the many firsts to be remembered introduced within this segment by Pinnacle Blooms Network.

Pinnacle Blooms Network is started, managed, run by MOTHERS for KIDS, PEOPLE with neurological, psychological, cognital conditions.

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