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Social communication affects every aspect of an adult’s life — getting along with coworkers and bosses, interviewing for a job, maintaining friendships and romantic relationships, even attending social gatherings like a wedding or a birthday party without feeling stressed or inadequate. Making and keeping new friends is hard enough, and adults with ADHD face additional challenges with symptoms like impulsivity and inattention, which can get in the way of meaningful connection. What’s more, ADHD is often accompanied by comorbid conditions like anxiety or the shame of rejection sensitive dysphoria, both of which affect relationships.

When you reach out, do you often say or do the wrong thing — or forget to follow up or stay in touch with friends you make? Is it easier to withdraw and stay home than put yourself out there and risk making social blunders? Understanding the ADHD brain and how it affects social skills can decrease the shame and increase the opportunities for meaningful connection. This research-based webinar will empower you to navigate the social world with realistic and practical strategies that will improve your people skills.

Listener testimonials:

  • “This was packed with actionable information, probably the best ADD webinar I’ve been on so far.”
  • “One of the most user friendly sessions I’ve attended anywhere not just here. Great job Caroline! Thank you.”
  • “Thought she was succinct and maintained interest with good commonsense info for both clients and clinicians such as myself.”

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This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on March 25, 2020.

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