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Video Appointments Autism DiagnosisVideo Appointments

  • We have limited appointments per day, per week for Video Appointments Autism Diagnosis
  • We can do conduct these on Skype, Whats App or Google Talk
  • Cost is £175.00 for 1 appointment. PayPal is preferred
  • Appointment length will be between 1 hour to 1.5 hours
  • During the appointment you will need to ensure your camera is working
  • Doctor will need to speak to Parents / Carer and Child
  • Doctor will need to be able to observe the child so please try to be in a room that has space and that the camera can see
  • Laptops are probably the best device to take the call on
  • For people who cannot make face to face appointments in London
  • Reports and documentation will be provided as per normal appointments and after settlement of invoice
  • Please call 07862686304 to discuss and book appointment
  • Before confirming Video Appointments, we will arrange a quick ‘discovery’ call with the Doctor, to confirm if this appointment is right for you